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What We Do

Web Site Design Cleveland Ohio

Wesite Designs of Cleveland incorporates over 15 years of website design, redesign, marketing and management experience to customize every website. All of our websites are designed by graphic artists and programmers to ensure your web site has the proper "look and feel" and is also written with correct HTML code.

Custom Website Design eliminates the problem of looking like everyone else. We create everything you need from scratch including backgrounds, graphics, logos, animations, audio, video and more.

Effective websites can turn browsers into buyers and they do it 24 hours a day,365 days a year. Make sure your website reflects the image of your organization.

A common goal in advertising is to capture a potential buyer's attention within 10 seconds. Smooth page animations, Flash movies and high quality graphics will do just that. Using bad graphics and boring 2 dimensional clip art invites a surfer to leave your website as quickly as they arrived.

We pay attention to every detail right down to the graphic's borders and shadows. You may have the best products and services and if your website doesn't reflect that, you will miss out on potential new clients.



Website Design Cleveland Ohio

We can also write your website copy and create any custom graphics that are required. We frequently work with clients that do not have brochures or even logos. Basic marketing that is needed to set your company apart from your competition. Ask yourself, can you afford to look like everyone else?